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The impact of investing in a life starts with the individual,
but that's just the beginning.

In 2015, you invested in people,
transforming lives and rewriting the future for our city.

A Message from Josh

Because of your generosity, 2015 was a year of incredible stability for our programs, stability that’s setting the stage for some big moves in the future.

In 2015, we knew we needed to incubate Beyond School, because our program was producing real results with kids in our community. Kids like Kevin didn’t have to repeat a grade and kids like Heaven got caught up to grade level. We’ve always had a vision of scaling that impact, so even more kids could get back on track to graduate high school. This year, we executed that vision. Armed with a data-driven program and a passion for serving kids in our city, we moved Beyond School to be centered in St. Louis College Prep. There, we could serve more kids, share data with SLCP and provide comprehensive support to our students throughout the day. Not only are we serving more kids, those kids are making even more growth than ever before. Stories like Devion’s, Deyawna’s and Ethan’s are only a few of the many students that are finding success.

In Beyond Jobs, we focused on continuing to develop our Job & Leadership Training curriculum, so more men graduate our program ready to fulfill their potential. We’ve done this through the support of the St. Louis business community, as our internships and business partnerships continue to provide our students with incredible opportunity. Our partnership with BJC Healthcare has been transformational, empowering us to create and film a new JLT curriculum and lead out health classes for our students. In this report you’ll read stories about William and Reginald, two men who graduated from our program and have transformed their life with the help of these partnerships.

Fueling us in 2016 is the momentum of intentional growth. We’re taking a hard look at our programs and their successes and identifying more ways we can scale this impact. Beyond School is expanding to an additional school. In Beyond Jobs, we’ll be utilizing the success we continue to find at Revive combined with strategic partnerships to kick off an innovative Business Incubator. Our Business Incubator will be focused on creating opportunity for people in our city to _____. Our AmeriCorps VISTA Umbrella is expanding from St. Louis to the rest of the state. There’s so much to be excited about as we look 1, 2, 5 years ahead to the future you’re writing for our city.

At the core, you’re doing so much more than strengthening programs. You’re creating a movement, a movement with opportunity, dignity and relationships at the forefront. The St. Louis we know, with its beauty and brokenness, will not be the St. Louis that future generations know. Because of you, they’ll know a St. Louis that’s full of opportunity, hope and possibility. Thank you for believing in our city and the power of what we can do when we work together.


Our mission is to empower people to transform their lives, families and neighborhoods.


Our vision is that people live in neighborhoods that are full of opportunity, know and serve their neighbors and are invited into gospel-centered communities.



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The Cycle of Poverty

Crime and violence erupt when people feel hopeless and desperate.



Students entering our program are an average of 1.5 grade levels behind in reading.  Our intensive, individualized instruction results in exponential growth of at least 3 months for every 1 month in the program.


A four-part initiative made up of Job & Leadership Training, Hire St. Louis, Revive Thrift Shop and Hatch Enterprises. Beyond Jobs equips men with job training, a community of support and employment opportunities so they can access legal, livable wage jobs.


Beyond Charity programs meet the other needs of our city in empowering ways, creating a complete foundation for people and communities to flourish. From older adults to kids and their families, our diverse range of programs impact leaders of all ages so they can stay in the neighborhood they're transforming.

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How do we stop this?

By creating opportunity, we walk alongside people as they break the chains of poverty.


Offering people the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.


men found purpose through Beyond Jobs initiatives


local businesses provided internships and jobs


of men in Beyond Jobs are now employed


the average wage of a Beyond Jobs student

As men gain positive support networks, secure employment and rise as leaders, their lives and families are stabilized and on the path to breaking free from poverty.


Offering kids the opportunity to succeed in high school and beyond.


scholars in Beyond School at St. Louis College Prep


decrease in behavior infractions


hours of time volunteers invested time into our students


months average reading and math growth for every 1 month students spent with us

As kids get on track academically, learn social-emotional skills and realize the vast world around them, their future becomes rich with opportunity to break free from poverty.


Offering people the opportunity to become leaders and help revitalize our city.


volunteers met needs of our city in empowering ways


AMP groups that came from all over the country to serve our city


children had a brighter Christmas because of Affordable Christmas


saved by local residents through our Tax Prep program

As people have access to needed resources and opportunity, they can lead richer lives and be more influential in their families and neighborhoods.

You've started a ripple of success in our city...



Our partners recognize that we all have a part to play in the transformation of our city. They’re businesses, schools, churches and community members that are standing with us to break the cycle of poverty in our city.


Beyond School

Community organizations, local businesses and passionate individuals partner with our Beyond School program to provide comprehensive…

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Beyond Jobs

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Beyond Charity

Local churches, businesses, community groups and organizations partner with our Beyond Charity programs to support…


Corporate Supporters

Local businesses and corporations invest in St. Louis by making financial or in-kind contributions. Their…


VISTA Members

Our federal contract allows us to grant AmeriCorps VISTA members to nonprofits across St. Louis…


Ambassadors Board

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