As Mission: St. Louis has expanded, we've seen growth and change in the city we love.


Because of your support, you helped rewrite the narrative of futures that once seemed limited.

 Over the last two years, many of our neighbors were empowered to dream bigger and reach their goals. Our Beyond School students caught up to their reading and math grade levels and regularly talked of college. Our Beyond Jobs students provided for their families and became leaders in their households, excelled in their internships and learned essential job skills. Beyond Charity provided comfort and security through senior service programs, home repairs and other community-based activities so that the matriarchs and patriarchs of our city could be active participants in their neighborhoods.      

A new mantra was introduced within our Job & Leadership Training program. At the beginning and end of every class, the men say, “…we are not less than men because we choose not to stand alone. Because real wisdom is choosing the right men to stand with me.

Thank you for standing with the men, women and children of St. Louis. Your support is creating beautiful change in our city. 

2015 and 2016 have been big years for Mission: St. Louis. 

Beyond School has grown from having the capacity to serve 25 youth in our building in January 2015 to being able to serve 100 youth inside two charter schools in December 2016. We’ve always had a vision of scaling our impact so more kids can get back on track to graduate high school. In 2015, we began executing that vision, and we plan to scale up to serving a third school in 2017. Armed with a data-driven program and a passion for serving kids in our city, we are strategically scaling our program to have the greatest impact possible. Two schools in 2016 - ten schools by 2026! 

Beyond Jobs has also grown, creating opportunity for 283 men throughout 2015 and 2016. The number of businesses across St. Louis partnering with us in training people for the workforce has increased from 25 to 31, including such partners as Schnucks and Cintas. The support of the St. Louis business community has been essential, as our internships and business partnerships continue to provide our students with incredible opportunity. Our partnership with BJC Healthcare, in particular, has been transformational, empowering us to develop culturally relevant curriculum and adding classes about caring for the health of our students and their families. Our vision for Beyond Jobs is also to scale our impact - creating a solid and prepared workforce whose success ripples throughout their families and businesses in our community - ultimately strengthening the overall health of St. Louis.

By supporting Mission: St. Louis, at the core, you’re doing so much more than strengthening programs. You’re creating a movement - a movement with opportunity, dignity and relationships at the forefront. Thank you for believing in our city and the power of what we can do when we work together.

Our very own Josh and Jason were featured in a video made by Church's Chicken. Click above to hear about our passion for St. Louis!


Beyond School is an expanded learning opportunity that prepares students to enter high school with the social, emotional and academic tools needed to be successful while in high school and beyond. Students who had previously struggled in the classroom are now taking new opportunities to learn every day. Our scholars are exploring the world through books and through enrichment activities which carry them to new sections of their city. With your support, our scholars not only learn at an accelerated rate, but they also are encouraged to be explorers, innovators and are able to grow and ask questions in a safe space. 

Over the 2015-2016 school year:

Beyond Schoolers averaged 2.1 years growth in reading in one school year.


Our scholars explored over 30 new places through field trips + service projects.

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Beyond Schoolers averaged 2.6 years growth in math in one school year.


Beyond Schoolers read over 455,000 minutes.


Beyond Schoolers have lowered Behavior Infractions by 20%.


160 people volunteered regularly to help get our scholars back on track.

 Meet the incredible partners of Beyond School!

Meet the incredible partners of Beyond School!

 Meet the volunteers who make Beyond School possible!

Meet the volunteers who make Beyond School possible!

 Find out what our students learned outside of the classroom!

Find out what our students learned outside of the classroom!




Beyond Jobs is a four-part initiative made up of Job & Leadership Training, Hire St. Louis, Revive Thrift Shop and Hatch Enterprises. Job & Leadership Training students commit to courses on job-readiness, community health, financial literacy and Biblical manhood. Hire St. Louis provides employment opportunities so students can access legal, livable wage jobs. Each program gives our students a chance to stand against the tragedy and trauma they have faced and not be defined by their pasts. While only 16% of men are working when they enter Beyond Jobs, two months later over 60% are employed and six months later more than 73% are employed.

Over the last two years:

73% of students were employed 6 months after graduation.

97% of JLT graduates received no new warrants or felonies.

95% of JLT graduates reported that their relationship with their kids has improved.


Over 280 men found purpose through Beyond Jobs.



JLT Graduates worked over 11,040 internship hours.

For 75% of the men in JLT, their mentor was their primary source of support.

 Meet the incredible partners of Beyond Jobs!

Meet the incredible partners of Beyond Jobs!


 Meet the volunteers who make Beyond Jobs possible!

Meet the volunteers who make Beyond Jobs possible!




At Revive we believe in the power of restoration; we believe in reinvention. By partnering with Anew Nature, we teach tool literacy and furniture restoration to members of Job & Leadership Training. The JLT students create opportunities for themselves and give new life to objects that had been cast aside. After the completion of their internship, the men are able to reenter the workforce with a plethora of new skills, their carefully crafted pieces are sold at Revive and the profits go back to Mission: St. Louis. 

It’s shopping you can feel good about. 



Relationships are essential for rewriting the narrative

Although education and employment provides opportunity to people in our city, other needs still exist. Beyond Charity programs create a complete foundation for people and communities to flourish. Seniors build community through weekly and monthly programming. People from around the U.S. serve the area in local organizations. Families have the Christmas they deserve at Affordable Christmas. This diverse range of programs create leaders of all ages, empowering them to thrive in the neighborhood they're helping to transform.

In 2015 & 2016:

260 tax returns were filed by our tax prep program helped reinvest thousands back into the community.

Community members saved $632,151 throughout 2015 and 2016 in circuit breaker property tax credits.

1,735 children got the Christmas they deserved through our Affordable Christmas program.  


111 VISTAs volunteered full-time for a year at 28 agencies throughout Missouri.


1,310 seniors received Benefits Assistance from our Case Manager.


689 AMPers came from across the country to make a difference in our city.

 Meet the incredible partners of Beyond Charity!

Meet the incredible partners of Beyond Charity!

 Learn where our VISTAs serve! 

Learn where our VISTAs serve! 

 Watch what it's like to be a VISTA at Mission: St. Louis!

Watch what it's like to be a VISTA at Mission: St. Louis!



Held at Ballpark Village for the second year, our 2016  annual gala hosted over 500 guests as we celebrated transformation happening in our city. The fun night included dancing, good food, auctions, a great show from Jake Gehret & the Brokedown Sound and an After Party hosted by our Ambassadors Board. The gala was talked about throughout the city, even trending locally on Twitter. Events like Night for the Town gives our supporters another opportunity to give generosity and impact more lives in St. Louis.





Download our 2015 990 here. 2015 audit results will be posted as soon as they are finalized by Mueller Prost. 2016 990 and audit results will be posted as soon as they are completed. If you have any questions or would like to see our Balance Sheet or Income Statement please reach out to Andy Hansen our VP of Finances at


These programs would not be possible without our corporate supporters, Ambassadors Board and Board of Directors.

 Meet our Board of Directors!

Meet our Board of Directors!

 Meet our corporate sponsors!

Meet our corporate sponsors!

 Meet our Ambassadors Board!

Meet our Ambassadors Board!



Thank you to BJC Healthcare, Urban Brewing Chestnut Brewing Company, Schnucks, Swiss American, BryanMark Group and Cintas for going above and beyond.