Behind Reginald’s exuberant personality and smile is heartache, pain and, most importantly, hope. In our Job & Leadership Training, he found the solace and guidance he desperately needed, as he was grieving the loss of of two family members. Now, Reginald uses his growth as inspiration to continue to pursue change and move forward.

Reginald says JLT helped him learn what it means to be a leader and distinguish the differences between childhood and manhood. During his internship at Revive Thrift Shop, he interacted with customers, enhancing his people skills. Reginald can see the way he’s transforming his own life as he becomes more and more patient, stating that the biggest lesson he has learned in JLT is forgiveness.

Today, Reginald is using everything he has learned in JLT to move forward. He’s a regular attendee of Phase Two of our program, where he meets weekly with fellow JLT graduates to continue building community and providing support for one another. He calls his classmates family as he often tells jokes and exchanges friendly banter with them. In 2016, Reginald was a student in Continuity STL’s Mission Video class, where he learned media production techniques and created his first film. He plans to use these skills to pursue a career in acting and film production.