Greeting every person with a smile, hug and handshake; Leon’s love for people radiates as soon as he walks into a room. As a retired officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and former recruiter for the military, Leon has always had a desire to serve and impact lives.

Today,  he impacts lives as a mentor in our Job & Leadership Training. Leon grew up in a tight-knit family, surrounding him in a community of support. He offers the same support to his mentees, realizing that trust helps build impactful relationships. By exchanging personal stories, Leon is able to relate with students, establishing a powerful bond with his mentees.

Being a mentor has made a lasting impact on Leon. He admires each student’s strength to persevere through their situations and their willingness to move forward. He remembers a mentee’s negative reaction to an internship position, but after talking with Leon and his supervisor, the mentee began to work harder and was hired as an employee. Moments like these remind Leon of the importance of second chances and viewing things from multiple perspectives.