At the beginning of the school year, the Dyawna you would have met was quiet and shy. Today, she is often seen talking or encouraging other students at St. Louis College Prep.

Dyawna credits her favorite enrichment class for breaking her out of her shell: improvisation. She remembers each nerve-racking moment during her first scene. While performing part of the movie The Woods, she was shocked by her classmates’ efforts to help her complete the scene. At the end, they applauded her performance, helping Dyawna learn to always be yourself.

Being herself is what Dyawna continues to do. Her favorite improv memory is singing Funky Town while wearing an invisible squirrel-shaped hat, where she received the same reaction from her classmates. Dyawna wants to be a movie producer, where she is able to perform and entertain others.

“Be yourself and don’t let anyone else affect you,” is Dyawna’s advice for her peers.